Known for the lively marina offering numerous activities and sea trips, and the proximity to several beaches. The Portimão Museum is a restored 19th century cannery, where you can learn about the most important aspects of its industrial and maritime history.

Praia da Rocha is perhaps the best known of the Algarve’s beaches and its tourist attractions are already internationally renowned. The casino, the Fortress of Santa Catarina de Ribamar, the various restaurants, cafes and bars attract us to enjoy a wide range of activities during the holidays.

Praia da Rocha Fortress is today an excellent viewpoint over the city, the river and the sea, which acquires a special charm in the evening with the light of the sunset. From here we can see Praia dos Três Castelos, Praia do Vau, Prainha and Três Irmãos, full of rocks and beautiful landscapes.

If you need indications of touristic activities pff ask for them.

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